We are proud to announce that MSW Student, Tiarra LaPierre, was recently featured on the Maine Paid Family and Medical Leave Coalition website.    The Maine Paid Family and Medical Leave Coalition is coordinated by the Maine Women’s Lobby and is a collection of Maine nonprofits, legislators, and citizens working to establish a statewide paid family leave system.  Whether you’re welcoming a new child, recovering from an injury or illness, or caring for an aging family member, all Mainers deserve the ability to take time away from work without risking unemployment or poverty.

The following organizations are involved:

In her piece, Tiarra addresses one of the most pressing long-term challenges facing Mainers today: Maine’s aging workforce and population decline.  She expresses her support for a Paid Family & Medical Leave Policy and goes on to share some of her own personal story, which parallels many from her generation, the “millennials.”  Entering early adulthood during a Great Recession, paired with rising educations costs and stagnating wages, has presented many new challenges not faced by prior generations.  Unable to afford the exorbitant cost of health care, housing, and other high costs of living, she and many of her friends express having delayed or given up altogether on their dreams of building families for themselves.  And many who have started families, express facing additional challenges budgeting time and money as they care for aging parents while investing in their own growing families.  Tiarra lays out a convincing argument that Comprehensive Paid Family and Medical Leave legislation could serve as a direct panacea to these issues.




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